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Discharge Summary

A discharge summary is a handover document that describes why the patient was hospitalized and what occurred to them while in the hospital.

Previous Operation Notes

Good documentation can assist you in avoiding being held liable and staying out of fraud and abuse issues. The value of surgical history to surgeons

Biopsy Report

A pathologist examines tissue samples for disease symptoms and the extent of its progression during a biopsy. A biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that can

Culture Report

A blood culture is nothing but a test that examines your blood for foreign invaders such as bacteria, yeast, and other microbes. These bacteria in

Blood and urine test reports

If you’re having surgery, your surgeon may have requested blood and urine tests before proceeding. These tests are pretty beneficial if you have specific health

Medical prescription

Medication histories are critical in preventing prescription errors and their hazards to patients during surgery. All currently and recently given drugs, previous adverse drug reactions,